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I believe that if we made an excellent quality abaya with authentic materials and crystals, Nigerian women would stop or reduce travel costs to other countries to make purchases. Our vision is simple-to be the most sought-after brand in Nigeria and Africa when the word "luxury abaya" comes to mind.
I mean why do you have to deal with the cost of shipping or customs when you can purchase superior quality in your home country?
Over 2 years and a few months later, we have become the fastest growing woman-owned company in the country for luxury abayas with exotic designs, with more than 500 pieces of luxury abayas sold worldwide.
I am delighted to also announce that in JULY 2023, we will launch a new flagship store in GHANA (Accra) to export to other African countries in the world as we appreciate all our clients from all around Africa and we would like to see Accra as an international destination and a meeting point for others.
With so much joy and excitement, every time I see a woman wearing our design it gives me more confidence and enthusiasm to do more.
We are not just producing jobs, we are growing the Nigerian workforce.
Together we can do amazing things!

Fatima Onyinoyi Umar

Founder & CEO

Our Founder

Madamlueur is a fashion brand that is owned and operated by Nigerian fashion designer Fatima Onyinoyi Umar. The brand is known for its comfortable, tranquil, and culturally-inspired clothing, influenced by styles from around the world and nature. 


Fatima has been designing and creating fashion pieces since 2015, initially selling them locally to friends, family, and colleagues. However, in 2021, she officially entered the fashion industry and established herself as the top manufacturer and producer of luxurious Abayas. In 2023, Madamlueur was launched, drawing inspiration from Fatima’s personal style, which is known for its comfort and style. The brand’s designs stay true to authenticity, with impeccable attention to detail in design, packaging, and finishing. Inspired by travel, leisure, and nature, Fatima’s style is elegant and chic, catering to the modern and classy woman.


Fatima, born in the early 90s, had a natural talent and interest in fashion, aesthetics and things arts. She honed her tailoring and designing skills and self-educated about the fashion industry, eventually leading to the creation of her brand, Lueur Aesthetics Nigeria. At just 18 years old, while pursuing a full-time degree at Ahmadu Bello University in Sociology and building her brand, then known as TEEMAHSARTS, with her first walk in store in Aqaf Plaza Angwrimi GRA. Where she sold her tailored pieces, managed her passion for makeup artistry and perfumery, Fatima’s passion for creativity and desire to establish an African-owned brand that was bold, stylish, and globally recognized drove her forward.


Despite the setbacks and challenges, Fatima’s determination and passion for fashion have allowed her to continuously push through and achieve success. Her brand, known for its luxurious Abayas and affordable prices, has gained recognition for almost a decade. With her recent experience of opening her first international fashion store in Accra, Ghana, Fatima understands the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. Whether facing failure or enjoying success, Fatima remains dedicated to her craft and continues to inspire others with her tenacity and creativity.


Madamlueur Nigeria is a fashion brand that prides itself on catering to unique females across borders. With offices in Abuja, Lagos, and London, the brand offers statement pieces that are both comfortable and high quality. The team at Madamlueur Nigeria is made up of professional tailors and creators who are constantly trained and taught by Fatima herself on the importance of creating clothing with impeccable finish and attention to detail. Each design is carefully developed and tailored to meet the needs of the wearer, ensuring that when you wear a piece from Madamlueur Nigeria , you embody the idea and vision behind it.


Madamlueur Nigeria is a fashion brand that was founded by Fatima Onyinoyi Umar, the founder of Lueur Aesthetics Nigeria group of companies. This brand is a reflection of her personal style, which is greatly influenced by her love for comfortable fashion, travel experiences, and luxury lifestyle. Through this brand, she hopes to share her unique sense of style and inspire others to embrace their own personal style. Madamlueur Nigeria is a representation of modern, elegant and comfortable fashion, making it an ideal choice for women who want to look and feel their best.

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