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Who We Are

  • Our  style is an Art.
  • Our Style is a Story.
  • Our style is Creative.
  • Our style is Grandeur.
  • This is our style and we are Madam Lueur Nigeria; Your No.1  luxury store in Nigeria.
Worldwide Shipping

We offer nationwide and worldwide shipping, charges are reasonable and differs with locations and weight of your item. We have partnered with DHL for both local and international shipping as well as GIG logistics Your No.1 logistics service in Nigeria.

Secure Payments

We take clients data protection seriously and it’s the reason we use paystack as our payment gateways. It is fast, it is safe and it is easy.

Best Quality

Discover unparalleled and supreme craftsmanship with our range of products, setting the standard for uncompromising quality.

Exclusive Services

We offer exclusive services such as;

Designs and fabric consultations, Custom designs, Private/personal shopping experience, Private labeling, Door to door shopping.

Designed For Gracefullness

What Our Clients Say

Walahi your quality of Abaya is nice it's even comparable to H******NI won't even lie and even better than some of theirs. But the point is, why buy all the way from another country when LUEUR is close to me in Nigeria.
I wore this last night and everyone was just talking asking where I got the Abaya. One of them was like saminah Wlhi all your Abaya's are classy and unique you hardly see them online or see anyone wearing them.
I wore "Motif le stud" to the airport and everyone was just looking at me. One lady came to ask for you contact and she kept saying she must wear your Abaya. Lueur for life.

Our Founder

Madamlueur is a fashion brand that is owned and operated by Nigerian fashion designer Fatima Onyinoyi Umar. The brand is known for its comfortable, tranquil, and culturally-inspired clothing, influenced by styles from around the world and…

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